4500 Pallet Racking Starter Bay

Product Description

4500mm High 3-Level Pallet Racking Starter Bays may be added to with Extension Bays, to form a multiple bay run customizing the length of shelving.

Starter Bay consists of:

  • 2 x braced endframes
  • 6 x box beams (80x40mm)
  • 12 x beam locking pins
  • 8 x levelling plates
  • 8 x floor bolts

Features & Benefits:

  • Versatile
  • Solid and reliable
  • Easy to install
  • Quality
  • Other sizes available on request
  • Colour: Galvanised uprights and orange beams

Additional Information

Starter Bay c/w 3 beam levels

H4500xW1350xD900, H4500xW1350xD1000, H4500xW1350xD1100, H4500xW1350xD1500, H4500xW1850xD900, H4500xW1850xD1000, H4500xW1850xD1100, H4500xW1850xD1500, H4500xW2250xD900, H4500xW2250xD1000, H4500xW2250xD1100, H4500xW2250xD1500, H4500xW2700xD900, H4500xW2700xD1000, H4500xW2700xD1100, H4500xW2700xD1500, H4500xW3300xD900, H4500xW3300xD1000, H4500xW3300xD1100, H4500xW3300xD1500, H4500xW3600xD900, H4500xW3600xD1000, H4500xW3600xD1100, H4500xW3600xD1500, H4500xW3900xD900, H4500xW3900xD1000, H4500xW3900xD1100, H4500xW3900xD1500

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