SkywalkerHD I-Curve Mat
SkywalkerHD I-Curve Mat 2

N432 Skywalker HD I-Curve Nitrile Matting

Product Description

Size: 91 x 91cm – 13mm thick

This anti-fatigue mat comes in 45-degreee wedges of 91cm x 91cm and can be easily assembled for unique configurations for corners, S-curves, half-moons and complete circles.

Features & Benefits:

  • 45 degree curve
  • Bubble Pattern
  • Resistant to most industrial oils
  • Interlocking modular mats
  • 100% Heavy-duty Nitrile Rubber compound
  • Compatible with SkywalkerHDâ„¢ series
  • Slip resistance rating R9 according to DIN 51130
  • Attachable round beveled edges prevent tripping

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