N137 Opera
N137 Opera ruleOpera

N137 Opera Matting

Product Description

The first of its kind, the Opera™ matting is a 3-zone system in one beautiful mat design:

  1. Scrape Zone: aggressively scrapes heavy debris off shoe soles
  2. Clean Zone: combines scraping and drying in a striped pattern that follows the flow of traffic to thoroughly complete the cleaning process
  3. Dry Zone: dries shoes to prevent slipping

Features & Benefits:

  • Medium to Heavy traffic areas
  • Three zones in one mat
  • Alternating scrape and absorb
  • Low profile allows foot and wheel traffic to traverse easily.
  • Color coordinated backing & borders
  • Loop pile carpet of tough polypropylene grass yarns and soft Decalon® yarns, tightly tufted in attractive design consisting of 3 different zones
  • 800 grams of dual yarns per m²
  • Backing: vinyl (DOP free)
  • Overall thickness: 7 mm
  • Weight: 4 kg per m²
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