Cushion Ease Solid ESD Matting
Bevelled EdgingCushion Ease Solid ESD Matting Illustration

N558 Cushion Ease Solid ESD Matting

Product Description

Size:  91 x 91cm – 19mm thick

Electro Static Discharge (ESD) protective mat. Formulated to drain static electricity from workers to safeguard against static shocks and protect equipment.

Feature & Benefits:

  • ESD Static Dissipative
  • Pebble Structure
  • Interlocking modular mats
  • Designed to yield a long service life
  • Compatible with patented MD-Ramp System™ for smart safety beveling solutions; allow out and inside corners
  • Free of silicone therefore safe for vehicle painting facilities
  • Measured resistance Rg 106-109 Ω, Rp 106-109 Ω.
  • Slip resistance R9 according to DIN51130 and BG-rule BGR181
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