Blackpool Rocks Volume 2: TVR sells out first year of production

Following hot on the heels of news that sports car brand TVR is making a comeback in 2017, the company has said it’s sold out the first year of production in just six weeks.

It has taken 250 deposits of £5000 on the next generation of models. Putting money down early has secured one of the first new TVRs to be built – and owners club members were allowed to jump on the queue for just £2500. Hence the company has raised a handy nest egg of at least £625,000 to help develop its new models.

It’s been nearly a decade since the Blackpool-based tearaways ceased building their outrageous coupes and roadsters, but a new ownership consortium has now confirmed that it will re-start production in 2017. In a wide-ranging announcement, Les Edgar, the chairman of TVR who bought the rump of the company from Russian Nikolai Smolenski in 2013, revealed:

  • TVRs will be built in Britain from 2017
  • ‘At least four new models’ under development
  • Engineering collaboration with Gordon Murray Design
  • V8 engines from Cosworth
  • Priced and designed like TVRs of old
  • Production starts ‘in the hundreds’ in 2017
  • £5000 deposits taken from 7 July 2015
  • New dealer network being built up

Operations director John Chasey said: ‘We’ve been totally blown away by the reaction to the new car. Our phonelines and online inquiry system went into meltdown when the news was announced, and we decided that we must begin to bring a structure to the inquiries and build a delivery pipeline well in advance of production. Volumes in year one will be limited as we ramp up production, so this allows us to reward those individuals prepared to make a financial commitment at this early stage.’